An information system is any combination of information technology and people‘s activities using that technology to support operations, management, and decision-making. Focus on organizational goals while we deliver an integrated IT and communication infrastructure with higher efficiencies and effectiveness. Our expertise in the field of technology ensures that we deal with every challenge of the contact center technology deployments with skills.

ITES, Information Technology Enabled Service, is defined as outsourcing of processes that can be enabled with information technology and covers diverse areas like finance, HR, administration, health care, telecommunication, manufacturing etc. Armed with technology and manpower, these services are provided from e-enabled locations. This radically reduces costs and improve service standards.

Raps Technologies have covered for all your needs related to inbound, outbound, multimedia, social media management, interactive voice and video services, unified reporting, work force management, call recording – compliance, and quality management solutions.

Raps Technologies scales up all the way as our customers ‘customer experience partner’, especially in the contact center world. We help our customers deliver world-class services, whether inbound or outbound, ranging from voice, email, chat, messaging, interactive voice and video services, reporting and analytics.